60 Days of Strategic Prayer 2016

Please stand in the gap with us for the next 60 days in Strategic Prayer for our General Assembly!

The goal is to ensure that legislators and their staff are specifically covered in prayer daily.

Here’s how:

Pick a date between Jan. 13 and Mar. 12. when you can come to the Capitol in Richmond during the 60-day 2016 General Assembly session, and pray on site.You may invite your home group, Sunday school class, bible study group or worship team to join you. Visiting the Capitol can be intimidating for some but that is why we are here to help you navigate and make your time here as meaningful as possible.

Join with a prayer partner at a specific set time in your community to pray at least once or once a week during the 60 days.

Make time in your Sunday and weekly church meetings to specifically pray for the General Assembly and the Family Foundation Team.

Share our Team Timothy weekly Prayer Alert with your prayer friends and church groups. It is a good guide to get them started.

If you and/or your prayer ministry group would like to be a part of this strategic prayer team, please register by clicking here.