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Sean Maguire

Director of Grassroots

Sean Maguire is the Director of Grassroots at The Family Foundation team. As the Director of Grassroots, Sean is responsible for outreach to community groups, organizations, and individuals across the Commonwealth. He works to ensure that those who value life, marriage, religious liberty, parental authority, and Constitutional government are kept up to date on the work that The Family Foundation is doing in Richmond.

His passion for life has led him to work for years, including through law school, in the pro-life movement. He has dedicated countless hours to protecting the weakest among us through direct action as well as advocating for policies that defend the vulnerable. Sean also has a profound concern about policies that advance false ideas of sexual identity in our culture.

Sean is a graduate of Liberty University School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In his spare time Sean would be happy to help you with writing a will or drafting a contract pro bono.

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