What would Del. Kathy Tran and Sen. Jennifer McClellan’s bills really do?

The Tran-McClellan bill would eliminate the following requirements:

  1. That an ultrasound be performed 24 hours before an abortion

  2. That a mother be properly informed before giving written consent

  3. 24 hour waiting period after an ultrasound and prior to abortion

  4. That 2nd trimester abortions be performed in a hospital

  5. Civil penalties for violations of abortion laws

  6. That two additional doctors certify the need for a 3rd trimester abortion and the “substantially and irremediable” finding (with the result of abortions until until the moment of birth for any reason)

  7. All health and safety regulations on abortion centers

You can read Delegate Tran’s bill here and Senator McClellan’s bill here.