A Different Type Of Campaign

This is the political season. Campaigns abound.

Maybe the best run campaign right now is not making headlines. Probably because it is not a political campaign — perhaps calling it one is a disservice.

Currently, Forty Days For Life is taking place in certain cities nationally, Richmond among them. It is a relatively new project which involves volunteers’ constant, vigilant, around-the-clock prayer at abortion facilities as well by congregations at Church and by individuals. It has proven to reduce abortions by changing the hearts of women who have reconsidered terminating the life of their unborn children.

Just a year or two ago, because of Forty Days For Life, abortions dropped 28 percent at a facility in College Station, Texas.

Forty Days For Life started in mid-September and will not end until November. Find out if your community has one and participate. Or at least make the end of abortion in America your constant and priority prayer through the end of the first week in November.

(There is hesitancy in recommending that — prayer for the end of abortion is not seasonal. Prayer to end the killing of the unborn is a lifetime priority.)

So pray for the pregnant women are considering ending the lives of their unborn children, for those who staff the abortion facilities, and for those in policy and judicial positions, that they harden not their hearts to the call of the Holy Spirit.