Curiously Quiet

A recent Richmond Times-Dispatch article on voter guides was interesting, not so much for which organizations provide them — but tellingly — which do not.  It seems that the policy groups and

special interests which research and provide voter guides and report cards, like The Family Foundation Action, gladly do so, unafraid to promulgate which candidates stand where on issues of concern and importance to those who share each particular group’s vision as well as the general public.

 Except . . . it seems certain leftist groups do not provide such information.  Perhaps approving grades by liberal groups would blow the cover of their favorite candidates who, for electoral survival, contort their real records into a “moderate” image during campaign season (while demonizing conservative opponents).  Surely, voters wouldn’t recognize a stellar rating from a liberal report card from a candidate’s carefully crafted campaign brochure.  Nor would they appreciate it come election day.  Talk about unintended consequences.

 There’s nothing like the truth about candidates’ records — not by groups viewed as antagonistic, but by friendly ones.   If their message is as broadly accepted as they claim, these liberal organizations should paper the Commonwealth with information on exactly which General Assembly candidates stand shoulder to shoulder with them and not act embarrassed about exposing alleged “moderates” in swing districts.