Welcome To The Truth

Political discourse certainly has a lot going for it in the age of modern communication. At least there are a lot of ways to disseminate such information — the Internet and its main features, the Web and what you are reading now, a blog. What it doesn’t have going for it is civility or even accuracy. Not that modern technology was necessary to inculcate deceit into the dialogue as truth — the dissemblers of truth did well enough at that in their day even prior to Gutenburg’s press; then used that invention and, later, Marconi’s transmissions and subsequent communication improvements as unwitting weapons. Technology just makes it possible to produce words at an overwhelmingly furious pace and at levels of saturation — and if it’s out there, it must be true.

A vigorous debate is one thing. Name calling, unfortunate as it is, has become a staple. But purposeful distortion is new. We have seen in recent weeks words public figures have said not just taken out of context, but purposefully redefined.

It’s as if to say, “I know what you said, but this is what your words will mean.” This is one step beyond their previous tactical highwater mark — the redefinition of their own words, such as when the largest tax increase in Virginia was called “tax reform” and a looming record budget surplus actually was a “deficit.”

We also have seen denial of fact: More federal tax receipts are in, yet supply side marginal tax rate reductions “do not work” — though it has happened in the 1960s, the 1980s and, now, in this new century.

This is truly white is black and black is white. The left has succeeded. They have brought Orwellian Newspeak to its Amerika.

Perhaps not yet. One thing this blog will tenaciously monitor is the political language and discourse, and dynamically and forcefully provide the truth.

This blog will not be all about horse-race politics, the good capitol square gossip, and who’s up and who’s down. It will be about issues, ideas, what is right and just, the truth and what it all means. It will be about — and on — a higher plane. It will be principled and fun.

As Edmund Burke wrote, "A very great part of the mischiefs in this world arises from words." Although this new medium has been appropriated by some to abet that mischief, it can also bring clarity, expose lies and repair the deconstruction of fact.

Stay tuned — and welcome . . . to the truth.