A Good Example

The preceding post makes a point about the hypocrisy of pro-abortion activists who make disarming sound byte claims of being “personally opposed to abortion” and who want to make it “safe, legal and rare,” but who never show any inclination toward limiting abortion through persuasion based on their “personal opposition” or through policy, such as adoption.

Reading an article about the 40 Days For Life project in the most recent issue of The Catholic Virginian, a good example of this hypocrisy came to mind. Remember candidate Tim Kaine wearing his Catholicism on his sleeve during the 2005 campaign? He had his religious beliefs and how dare anyone criticize him?

He had a golden opportunity during 40 Days For Life to show how “personally opposed” to abortion he is and to generate focus and attention on this peaceful, prayerful — non-governmental — way of promoting life. Where was he? He could have shown up at a prayer vigil or given a speech at a participating church, even sent a letter of support to local organizers. He didn’t.

The governor and other like-minded politicians make a political career out of talking a good game on pro-life issues, feigning a “common ground” approach with pro-life advocates. But their lack of personal action and their non use of the bully pulpit once in office, despite implied promises, is a good example only of cynicism toward the unborn.