Energy Supply

A sampling of anecdotal information over the last week from sources and personal experience exposes a myth that has been perpetuated throughout campaign season: That conservatives have no more energy and the momentum is with the liberals.


The Manoli Loupassi campaign had huge turnouts for lit drops the last few weekends (including recently transplanted Yankees from Vermont and New York), blanketing thousands of houses in the 68th House district. Yard signs for Chris Yakabouski are all over the 17th Senate district. Bob FitzSimmonds  has out-fundraised his 28-year incumbent opponent in the 29th Senate district; and supporters of Senator Ken Cuccinelli in the 37th Senate district, 40th district Delegate Tim Hugo, and 67th House district candidate Marc Cadin, teamed to hit about 9,000 doors last week.


This is not to predict anything. Nor is it to suggest there is not liberal enthusiasm in parts of Virginia. It is to say those in the media and pundit class have vastly underestimated (perhaps intentionally) the energy and commitment of conservative activists, donors and candidates. It also proves something to Republicans: When you stand for something — the right things — people gravitate to your candidacy and will go to the mat for you. There is one final thing conservative, pro-family, pro-life people can do: Vote tomorrow.