Hollywood Vs. Well, Hollywood

Two movies currently are making noise among church communities. The differences between the two are stark, and tell an interesting story about our friends in Hollywood. 

One movie won the Toronto Film Festival’s “People’s Choice Award,” known as an indicator of potential Academy Award nominations. Past recipients of the award have included “American Beauty,” “Chariots of Fire” and “Life is Beautiful.”

The other movie didn’t win any awards … anyplace. It features a famous actress who has been panned in nearly every movie in which she's appeared. The first movie won its award last year, but no one in Hollywood wanted to distribute it. It took producers months before they found someone willing to release it, but only in a limited way. There is no advertising budget, and few people know about the movie. The second movie is already being advertised, and Hollywood will likely spend millions of dollars promoting it and you can be sure it will open in every possible location. You will likely see its stars on daytime television and news programs over and over again. The first movie is heartwarming, inspirational and sends a strong, positive message about life. The second movie is targeted at children for the holidays and is based on a series of books where the author admits, “My books are about killing God.” Most Americans are sick and tired of the garbage Hollywood spits out. But when given the opportunity to distribute and promote a powerful movie that is not just “clean and wholesome,” but incredibly well done, they turn away. They’d rather spend millions distributing junk from a guy who hates God. The first movie is named “Bella,” and we urge you to go see it. It now is in nationwide release after initially having limited distribution. For Virginia residents, you can see it beginning this Friday, November 16 at many local theaters. Producers told those in attendance at Family Research Council’s Washington Briefing last month that in pre-release screenings, seven women had cancelled planned abortions after watching this movie. Quite an endorsement to see this film!! The second movie is called “The Golden Compass.” That one we could care less if anyone ever sees.