Issues? Who’s Got Issues?

Exactly what are the issues in the campaign ending tomorrow? (Reading the Richmond Times-Dispatch this last week, there are no issues, only fundraising.) It seems as if most liberal Democrat candidates who are in close campaigns have said nothing more than, “I’m not the Republican.” Not exactly Lincoln and Douglas. Abstaining from some things in life may be good for the mind and spirit, but abstaining from issues in a political campaign is nothing less than public deception (which is why some contests are close). Throw in typical demagoguery and horribly false accusations (even against The Family Foundation in mailers to voters in 72nd House and 27th Senate district mailers) and we have a recipe for how they will govern if elected. For example, they don’t talk about it now, but turning over the General Assembly to liberal control means the largest expansion of state government in history. Remember the largest tax hike in history? They didn’t talk about that one either, but there are some who would fall all over themselves to make Governor Tim Kaine’s universal pre-kindergarten program a reality, granting the state more power over education (indoctrination?) of children and more evaporation of parental authority.

All this while the Commonwealth is spending so fast that there is a $600 million shortfall in the budget right now, despite tax revenues increasing. The governor proposes balancing this shortfall in part by raiding the Rainy Day Fund, which was only meant to supplement the budget when tax revenues decreased. Whatever happened to concerns over the bond rating? Oh yeah, to pay for universal pre-K, expect the unsaid to mean still more money from you, the taxpayer.