More From The News Conference

What will it take for Governor Kaine to put the money back into the budget for abstinence-only education? Contacting him may help. In the meantime, we hope we can talk him into restoring the money. The response from the public has been encouraging. The news conference generated a great deal of statewide media attention on the subject and people understand the issue as well as the real statistics and successes of abstinence-only education. It may come down to a battle in the General Assembly to restore the program. Why this has become an issue defies commonsense and is more of the liberal same: assert what you want and deny fact. Let's see how this does not make sense: If sex between two teens does not happen, there cannot be a teen pregnency. It doesn't get any clearer than that. If that is true, which it is, then it stands to reason that anything that acknowledges something different, anything that sanctions the behavior we are trying to prevent, cannot, by its nature, be nearly as effective. In fact, it is counter productive. On the face of it alone, it is counter intuitive thinking and therefore should give one pause before signing on (but apparently not the governor). A Fauquier County program, which has cut teen sexual activity by 60 percent, is a tangible example that the truth works, no matter how the conflicted interests attempt to reinterpret fact and and deny right reason.