Breaking: It's Official: Cuccinelli Wins!

It's official. After three attempts to overturn his November victory, Republican Sen. Ken Cuccinelli was declared the winner in the 37th Senate District election.

(Where have we seen losers trying multiple times to overturn an undesired result? Virginia 2005. Washington State 2004. Florida 2000. Indiana Congressional race 1984. Soviet Union vs. USA gold medal basketball game, Munich Olympics, 1972. As the Soviets pioneered the process, it undoubtedly inspired some American liberals to their version of "refuse to lose.")

Cuccinelli's vote actually increased by 9, from 92 to 101. Ironically, the discrepancy was discovered by Ginny Peters, Chairman of the Fairfax County Democrat Committee. (BTW, not to toot our horn, but we're getting some scoops, as today's posts indicate. We even beat The Washington Post on Sen. Cuccinelli's count-recount-recount victory. The Richmond Times-Dispatch had nothing on it, and no one seems to have the news on Del. Sam Nixon taking over the House GOP Caucus chairmanship.)

Congratulations to Sen. Cuccinelli, perhaps the most targeted candidate by liberal groups this completed election cycle. He is a deserving winner — hard working, smart, conscientious and principled, with a great sense of humor to boot; and perhaps on his way to bigger things.