Happy New Year

New years mean different things to people. To many they mark new opportunities, the chance to improve and advance their lives, whether financially, physically ("work out at the gym more," must the number one resolution), academically, spiritually, or in any number of other aspects of life — "this is the year I travel more," or "spend more time on my favorite hobby," or "improve relationships with family and friends." New years also mean regret — because the obvious mark of the passing of time is a blunt reminder of things left undone and not accomplished, or the simple notion that life is moving onward at a quickening and uncomfortable pace.

Neither attitude is on the money. Simply resolving to do things probably is what leads to the regret: Without resolve, the clear identification of priorities and a spiritual underpinning of faith in God, nothing of consequence gets done.

For those who feel a bit blue this time of year, realize that as arbitrary as New Year's is — people don't have to wait until January to make life improvements — it is a starting point for opportunities, to make a difference in your life and the lives of others and renewing your spirituality. Life is about seizing opportunities, and with society focused on the change that new years bring, opportunities abound to bring positive change within you, your family, your community.

Whatever we choose to do with our lives, whatever resolutions we decide to make in 2008, do it to reflect His glory and in His name. With that, you can't go wrong, and this time next year your frame of mind will be a lot more joyous — and for the right reasons.

From the Family Foundation, we wish you a Happy and Blessed New Year which brings you every good blessing.