Learn This

Not that this blog concerns itself with Hollywood and the industry of celebrity, but a certain news item is instructive on two levels. It seems that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of the wealthy and previously-successful-but-now-on-the-skids pop-tart Britney, is pregnant, the father being her 19-year-old boyfriend. (He may face statutory rape charges, but that's another story.)

Jamie Lynn supposedly is herself a star on the alleged hit show "Zoey 101" on the Nickelodeon cable network. The network chief, for now, is standing by his girl, and is considering how to play the situation. Among the options: A special on teenage sex, and running the series next season, taping of which is already complete. He said he hopes teenagers can learn from this episode.

Really? Learn what? That high risk behavior has little consequence? Get pregnant and keep your job when much younger girls look up to you? That even a wealthy, experienced girl, steeped in Hollywood mores — uh, let's make that antics — who may look no further than her sister, can get pregnant despite all the birth control she most assuredly is aware of and has at her disposal, can still be lionized? Some lesson.

Mr. TeeVee exec: You want this to be a teachable moment? Here's what you do: FIRE HER! Then all the young girls you want to impress upon will learn this: That high risk behavior means serious consequences, and if a rich, has-it-all girl can have it all cave in, imagine the severity of the consequences to you.

One last thing: Does anyone think young Miss Spears DID NOT learn "comprehensive sex education"? Is there a better case for teaching abstinence? Gov. Kaine?