Odds And Ends At The Close Of Business 2007

More from the "Policy Republican": While we may have won the battle against Sen. Tommy Norment's (PR-3, Williamsburg) big government approach to tax payers — he says he now realizes promises must be kept and will not introduce legislation to keep the $1 license plate surcharge (if that's so, then finish the car tax phase out) — he vows to continue the war. Read this op-ed he wrote in the Christmas Eve edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In it he says that he will push for more tax-payer funded spending on tourism because it stimulates the economy — Merry Christmas from Sen. Norment. He still hasn't answered the question that if a $1 fee or tax is so good for the economy, why not $5 or $10 or $20? Maybe we should let Sen. Norment know our answer.

New favorite quote: "Let us beseech the Almighty to blast their councils and bring to Naught all their devices." (Abigail Adams, in a November 12, 1775, letter to husband John, regarding King George III's refusal of the Olive Branch Petition.)

The British (and Canadians) are coming! As for those trying to demagogue their way into foisting socialized medicine on to America (or further socialize education or any other aspect of life), there's this, from the UK's The Daily Mail:

70,000 British patients are expected to visit other nations this year to receive medical care and more than 200,000 “health tourists” are expected by the end of the decade. They are leaving for non-emergency procedures as well as for treatments for life-threatening ailments. Not only that, Great Britain now is experiencing a dentist shortage, while a study in the same article reports that nurses are spending less time with patients to do — can you guess? — paperwork! Add the well publicized fact that a Canadian Member of Parliament, the health care system of said country American liberals hold in such high regard, came to the U.S. this past spring for breast cancer treatment. It all makes one wonder why the left can't understand simple market concepts. Or maybe they do understand them.

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