Exclusive: Delegate Jeff Frederick To Do Blog Interview Here

Anyone who reads this blog knows that we have been impressed with Delegate Jeff Frederick (R-52, Woodbridge) as a legislator and, working with him and his staff recently, he's even even more impressive as a person. He is an interesting person with great ideas, and with a philosophy of government grounded in constitutional principles. He truly is a rising star in Virginia politics. So that people from all over the Commonwealth can get to know him better, we approached him this week about participating in a blog interview with us and he has consented. So, in another effort to make Capitol Square Diary the most informed General Assembly source in the Virginia political blogosphere, with unique features, we will have an exlusive interview Delegate Frederick, but under a different format than that which we had with Attorney General Bob McDonnell. The Family Foundation staff will submit questions to Delegate Frederick via e-mail and he will respond to them within 24 hours. We will confirm and post the dates later this week. This is an effort to mix up our formats and give you looks at the General Assembly from different angles. We will have more interviews and profiles of prominent legislators in all formats (live and otherwise) as the session progresses.

So we hope you enjoy this upcoming feature. To learn more about Delegate Frederick, click on his name in this sentence and in the first paragraph.