Quote Of The Day

Congratulations to Delegate Jeff Frederick (R-52, Woodbridge) who called out the Virginia Education Association on its hypocrisy tonight in the House Education Sub-Committee on Teachers and Administrative Action. More on the sub-committee's action tomorrow, but after a long parade of educationists, educacrat establishment and anti-reform, pro-bureaucracy, big-government types, led by the VEA, got up to speak against his "65% Solution" bill (HB 60), which would mandate each school district to direct 65 percent of its budget toward classroom education (as opposed to the central office), mouthing off every excuse in the book, not to mention their typical propaganda; and who always scream for money for teacher pay which this bill would do, Delegate Frederick said this:

"Wow! I never thought I'd see the day when the VEA would come the General Assembly and not want more money for their teachers in the classroom!"

When I was in school, teachers taught us never to say "can't" and not to make excuses, but the VEA and its allies are all about "can't" and excuse making. It never fails to amaze: Our public schools are doing oh-so-well aren't they that they can just keep going along as is, wasting taxpayer money and do nothing, not changing; and the same people who whine about being underpaid, understaffed and not having the equipment necessary to provide a "world class education" would rather stiff the public who pays their way, the children whose interest they claim to keep, and their own members — than to submit to minimal reform. Congratulations Delegate Frederick for standing up to the powerful status quo special interests.