That's Just Dick

We have a source who gets e-mail alerts from the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a second amendment citizens group. On Monday, the VCDL had its annual lobby day (as did we and many other groups taking advantage of the Monday holiday so more of their members could attend). According to the e-mail, which there is no reason to disbelieve, John Pierce, a VCDL official, was in a General Assembly Building elevator when it stopped and opened its doors. In walked Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-35, Springfield) and a friend with whom he was having a conversation. Saslaw, oblivious to Pierce, who was standing in the back of the elevator with a large, orange button that said, "Guns Save Lives," continued his conversation. As reported by Pierce, Saslaw said this:

"I see we're debating a gun bill today. Half the cast of Deliverance is in town!"

Nothing like insulting all of rural Virginia or, for that matter, all of rural America. Additionally, Senator Saslaw attempted to disrupt another VCDL official who was testifying at the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. This is nothing new for him, though.

During the last few years he has berated Family Foundation witnesses at committee hearings in violation of senate protocol and said such idiocies as "property rights are not in the constitution," among many other outrageous and ill-informed statements. All this as minority leader. Now he's majority leader. Hang on for the next four years, folks. 

If a conservative stereotyped a group in public, that office holder would face a firestorm. But in liberal elitist circles, there is nothing wrong with it and, most likely, nothing will be done, no apologies given. Especially in this case, it's just Dick being Dick.