More Gas From The Majority Leader

SB 713 is Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw's gas tax increase bill. Senate Dems couldn't wait to rush forth a number of bills to raise our gas taxes because, apparently, $3.00 a gallon gas isn't expensive enough. The leadership effectively snuffed all of them out, appearing to look reasonable at session's outset. Instead, it was feigned reason because Senator Saslaw's tax-increase bill was conveniently filed a bit later, after the field had been cleared of the other gas tax increases. After all, if anyone is going to raise taxes, it's going to be the boss. This one is a beauty, folks. It raises the gas tax one cent a year for five years, effectively making the cumulative increase for families with two cars, filling up each car with 20 gallons per week, a total of $624.00 a year more in year five over what they pay now. (See how we figured this in our own Economic Impact Statement.)

But the best part is the infamous Department of Planning and Budget's Economic Impact Statement. It shows that by year six, VDOT would be raking in an additional $281.6 million per year! ($47.2 mil in 2009; $100 mil in 2010; $155.8 mil in 2011; $213.7 mil in 2012; and $274.7 mil in 2013.)

That's a cumulative . . . (drum roll, please) . . . $1,015,100,000 tax increase over five years. Someone must benefit by getting the money. Might as well be government bureaucracy, right?

And people really believe it when liberals say they are for helping the middle class?