Oops, He Meant It Again

We love Delegate Robert Hull (D-38, Falls Church). Aside from all the annoying questions he asks, he's committed to his side and his point of view, a worthy adversary who doesn't hide who he is. He openly admits he would rather redistribute income than to limit government and let people keep their own hard-earned money. He makes for an honest debate and one that makes it easier for the limited government point of view to win. Unlike many liberals in Virginia, he doesn't veil himself as a "moderate" for electoral purposes. He's out-front with his liberalism and we appreciate it.  Last week we reported that Delegate Hull said in a House Finance Committee hearing on HB 1388 that he would rather give a $2 million grant to a private company than simply to provide it a sales tax reprieve so it could buy certain equipment to build a factory in Mecklenburg County which would create 100 jobs at twice the prevailing local wage. (At least he's consistent: give our money away for social welfare and corporate welfare.)

Today, on the House Floor, he did it again. He opposed HB 833, patroned by Delegates Tom Rust (R-86, Herndon) and Ken Plum (D-36, Fairfax), which would give certain tax breaks to Volkswagen North America, which is moving its headquarters to Fairfax County, on the purchase of company cars for employees. After questioning Delegate Rust during the floor debate, he said, "I'd rather give them a grant."

Great. Give a huge multi-national company a bundle of our tax money. Makes sense — but only if you believe in redistributing wealth and don't care who gets it, even if you're giving it to Volkswagen North America. By the way, VW's N.A. HQ is worth an economic impact of about $16.5 million a year to Virginia. Not charging the sales taxes? Only $605,000 in 2009, and down to $76,000 in 2014. A pretty fair trade.

Hey, you keep sending these guys to Richmond; don't expect anything else.