Quote Of The Day

This QOD illustrates several of our themes, but especially this one: Liberals put government before you. Not only that, they put government using your money to lobby against you on a pedestal. Not the QOD, itself; quite the opposite, but that which instigated the QOD is our focus. Delegate Tim Hugo (R-40, Centreville) is the patron of HB 1009, a bill which provides for more transparency in our real estate taxes, property assessments and other such important information, making it all easier to understand so we can better know for what our local government is slamming us. When he finished advocating for his bill, a simple and fair reform, it was the other side's turn.  

Opposition on the House floor came from Delegate Vivian Watts (D-39, Fairfax), who claimed that VACO and VML are against the audacity of Delegate Hugo to want home owners to know exactly what, why and how much they are being taxed. VACO and VML are the Virginia Association of Counties and the Virginia Municipal League, the lobbying arms of the Virginia's counties and cities. As discussed in our exclusive interview with Delegate Jeff Frederick (R-52, Woodbridge) (click here and scroll toward the end), these organizations are funded by your tax dollars so your localities can lobby against your interests; to take your property, for example, or to tax you more and, as in this case, to tax you so you won't know.   

To which Delegate Hugo stated simply and humbly, for our Quote Of The Day:

"I'm not as worried about the concerns of VACO and VML as I am about those of the taxpayers."

One side advocates for the special big-government special interests; the other side for the taxpayer. Which side do you choose? Should be an easy choice.