Salslaw: Homicide Under Pressure OK

Today is commonly known around The Family Foundation headquarters as "Black Thursday." It is the day when all reasonable, mainstream pro-life bills are killed in the Senate Education and Health Committee. While the votes are never really a surprise, the debate often brings the worst out of pro-abortion liberals on the committee. Today was no different. In responding to a bill (HB 1126) introduced by Delegate Chris Jones (R-76, Suffolk) that would make it a crime for a woman to shoot herself in the stomach to terminate her pregnancy (yes, this actually happened in Virginia), committee member and Senate Majority Leader Dick Salslaw (D-35, Springfield) asked:

"Can you imagine the stress this woman must have been under to cause her to do such a thing?"

Actually Senator, no, we can't imagine where homicide by stress is a reasonable defense. After all, she could have simply gone to a hospital and asked for the baby to be terminated and it would have been - abortion is legal in Virginia right up until birth. 

In the Senate Majority Leader's world I guess an excuse can be made for just about anything - at least when it comes to killing unborn chidren.