Distracting Forecasts

This gem of wisdom makes our Quote Of The Day: From Delegate Bill Janis (R-56, Henrico), on WRVA's Richmond's Morning News With Jimmy Barrett last Friday, on whether a tax increase for transportation funding is possible during the budget stalemate:

"My late father used to say, 'The best time to steal a neighbor's pig is when he's preparing for a storm.'"

Nothing like homespun wisdom to perfectly frame the situation. It's an apt warning. Don't let the budget standoff be a distraction because some legislators will use it to fly a tax increase under the radar as a "solution to the lack of transportation funding" in lieu of the recent Supreme Court decision declaring unconstitutional the taxing power of unelected transportation authorities. When these tax-and-spend lawmakers try, please remind them of the tens of millions of tax dollars in new, unwanted Pre-K spending Governor Tim Kaine is demanding; the $180 million he is trying to move out of transportation into the general fund or the $400 million he's trying to siphon out of the Rainy Day Fund.

It may be raining. But it ain't no storm, no matter how much some liberals are trying to forecast it.