Saslaw vs. Children

On a daily basis conservatives are accused of being against children . . . mostly because they don't spend enough money on anything, at least according to liberals. Well, the shoe is apparently on the other foot for Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-35, Springfield).

The General Assembly is looking at appropriating just over $1 million for "Alicia's Law," (sponored by Delegate Brian Moran, D-46, Alexandria, a Democrat candidate for governor). "Alicia's Law" would expand the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to help protect children from Interent predators. In a time where nearly every day we see another young, innocent victim of Internet predators, this program has done extraordinary work. Expanding it to more communities in Virginia would help protect more children from this horrific crime.

Shockingly, Senator Saslaw is fighting the budget amendment! While everyone is well aware that money is tight in Richmond and legislators are finding creating a new budget very difficult, public safety is a core responsibility of government!  This is where they should actually be spending our money. Why in the world would Senator Salslaw be against children like this? 

Senator Saslaw is getting hammered by people from all over the nation, and word has it that Bill O'Reilly has targeted him for his show sometime this week.

We're just wondering when the liberal, pro-children groups are going to start calling out Senator Saslaw for his hostility toward children?