Spitzer And Abortion

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, up until yesterday a rising star in the Democrat Party, was well known to pro-life New Yorkers (yes, they exist) and the national pro-life movement long before his newfound fame. Perhaps the most extreme pro-abortion elected official of his generation, Spitzer recently introduced S.5829 in the New York legislature. It would have, if it became law, expanded abortion to a fundamental right and jeopardized nearly every abortion restriction in existence (parental involvment, conscience clause, etc.) and would have forced Catholic hospitals to do abortions. His pro-abortion zealotry is legendary in New York. As Attorney General of New York, Spitzer waged a one-man crusade against pregnancy resource centers and used the power of his office to not just shut them down but to charge operators and volunteers with crimes! His intimidation tactics were straight out of the extremist abortion movement's playbook. The crime of these pregnancy resource centers is, of course, that they provide an alternative to abortion. They help women through a pregnancy not simply to end a pregnancy. To those in the pro-abortion movement, there is no greater crime.

Because of his abortion extremism, don't look for the latest scandel to put an end to his career. The far-left simply doesn't care what people like Spitzer do in their "private lives" as long as they do everything within their electoral power (and more) to promote abortion and homosexuality. Spitzer is the poster child for the far-left. He'll be back.