Abortion Art

Much has been made recently of the Yale University student who allegedly repeatedly artificially inseminated herself and then induced abortions by taking abortifacient drugs. She then videotaped the process, including the miscarriages while she lay in her bathtup, and took blood from herself to form an "art" project. Many claimed to be offended, and even so-called "pro-choice" groups decried the project.

But while such disregard for human life and trivializing of abortion may seem shocking to those of us who actually value human life — isn't this really how anyone who claims to be "pro-choice" must actually feel about an unborn child? That they are disposable? A lump of tissue to do with what we want?

Perhaps NARAL and Planned Parenthood are disturbed, not by the substance of the "art," but by the fact that this project peals away the myth that abortion is somehow sacred?

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