Baril Not Running For AG

Steve Baril, a Richmond attorney who ran against Bob McDonnell for the GOP nomination for attorney general in 2005, today announced that he would not be a candidate in 2009. Baril is a partner at Williams Mullen, a presitious Richmond law firm, and is the son-in-law of the late Governor John Dalton. Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax), who announced his intention to to seek the nomination last week, is the only current candidate for either party to announce officially. Delegate Rob Bell (R-58, Albemarle) and former Delegate Paul Harris are other possible GOP contenders. Delegate Jennifer McClellan (D-71, Richmond) often is mentioned as a Democrat possibility.

Here is the statement Baril released today (and notice a particular organization he proudly mentions):

Over the last several days, many friends and supporters have asked me whether I intend to be a candidate for Attorney General in 2009. With the General Assembly session behind us and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's recent announcement, many are now looking ahead to the 2009 statewide races.    In fairness to my family, the Republican Party and my many friends who are encouraging me again to seek public office, I feel now is the time to make my intentions known. Despite my abiding interest in public service, and good government, I will not be a candidate for Attorney General in 2009. 

My first responsibility is to Mary and our three children, who are now 15, 14 and 11.  Elizabeth, Sydney and Dalton are involved in many wonderful activities at school and church. I am as proud of them as any parent can be. It is important to me, and I think to them, that I be there to support them as they happily supported me as a candidate just a few years ago. While Mary's health is fully restored, and she would relish another run for statewide office, I do not believe it is my calling today. I believe I can better serve in other ways at this time. 

As you know, I am a partner at the Williams Mullen law firm. During my last campaign my partners at Williams Mullen were a great source of strength and encouragement for me. Since then, I have been given new leadership roles at the firm. I am excited about these opportunities for me and Williams Mullen and am committed to seeing them through. 

Over the last four years, I have remained active in my support of our Party and its values. I worked hard with The Family Foundation helping to pass the marriage amendment, and I have worked for our candidates for public office, helping raise money and working on new policies to improve the Commonwealth. Please know that I am not retiring from public service or politics. There are and will be many opportunities for me to serve in the future. I will play a leadership role in the 2009 campaign on behalf of Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and the nominee for Attorney General. I am excited about that opportunity.