Everyone Talks About It

The Mainstream Media, that is, known in Internet script as the MSM; aka The Drive By Media. But what does anyone ever do about it? Actually, quite a lot. A whole world of alternative media has grown out of the frustration of the MSM/DBM. From conservative talk radio to cable and satellite television to conservative magazines to the Internet there's a plethora of options for people to get the truth, fact and reason. We're a part of it with this blog. Still, the MSM/DBM needs to be commented upon from time to time. We will do our part and started a Media category today. Not just because of the MSM's slanted news coverage and mischaracterizations of conservative positions, issues and leaders, but because of how the broader media affects (and pretends to reflect) the culture and affronts our values. There is good out there, and we will acknowledge it as we did with our "John Adams" review, but we will also be here to give a heads up on the idiocy and crudeness of the Hollywood and showbiz media.

So whether its leftist propagandists purporting to report or out-of-touch leftists elitists preaching through film or the small screen, we will be another voice countering the lies and vulgarity of what masquerades as "news" and "art."