Terry McAuliffe: Fox News Is Fair And Balanced

I'm sure this is gonna drive our liberal friends to a mouth stretching cynical laugh when I say Fox News Channel is not conservative, but an objective news organization; that its down-the-middle approach only seems conservative when compared to the massively one-sided liberal slant the Mainstream Media at NBC, its ugly stepchild MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS (not to mention Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, New York Times, etc.). This has been apparent to any coherent thinking news connoisseur/TV jockey from the start. It was the refreshing observation I had when our cable system added it some 10-plus years ago. No longer did liberal advocacy disguised as journalism have the field to itself. Those conditioned to that type of "reporting" now saw an enlightening contrast with what had become the norm. Objective television news had a place to call home again. It's so funny that the same lefties who blast FNC had no problem with many of its journalists when they worked at the competition: Major Garrett, Bill Hemmer, Greta Van Susteren (CNN); Gregg Jarrett and John Gibson (MSNBC); Geraldo Rivera (CNBC); Brit Hume (ABC); and Chris Wallace (NBC and ABC), to name a few. All of sudden, to the left, they became Vast Right Wing Conspiracy mouthpieces.

So, what are they to say now, that none other than former Democrat National Committee Chairman (and current Clinton for President Campaign Chairman) Terry McAuliffe said this on FNC in a live interview Tuesday night (click the quote to see it yourself):

"And let me congratulate Fox, because you were the first ones to call it for Hillary Clinton fair and balanced Fox, you beat them all."

McAuliffe recently has had harsh words for MSNBC's Chris Mathews (he of the Obama is Messianic mantra) as well. 

It wasn't until FNC began syphoning viewers from the MSM and racking up huge numbers that liberals, upset about turnover of their apple cart, started raging against the cable-network-that-could. Blog-trolling, Kool-Aid-drinking, wacky leftists refer to it as "Faux News." So hysterical, the numb brained. But now, with McAuliffe's recognition of FNC, where does that leave the hyper left other than even more isolated from the rest of the country?