T-D: Gilmore Ahead For GOP Senate Nod

According to an article in Saturday's Richmond Times-Dispatch (click here), former Governor Jim Gilmore is ahead of Delegate Bob Marshall in delegates in the campaign for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator John Warner. The nomination will be decided in Richmond at the Republican convention in May.  In another campaign development, a major Marshall victory has apparently been voided. One area in which the Marshall forces are fond of citing as an example of their success and path to victory was the Tazewell County mass meeting. But, according to the Smyth County Conservative blog, (click here) the 9th District Republican Committee invoked a rare rule to dissolve the Tazewell County Committee and void the delegate selection. The committee sided with those who claimed the mass meeting locked out Gilmore supporters and did not allow them to register as delegates. The 9th District Committee elected a new Tazewell Committee which is considering a new mass meeting.