Update: Thank You Saint Anthony!

We made significant progress today in recovering what was lost during the site crash over the weekend. (Apparently, this was a particularly extraordinary event that even knocked out our host's backup system for what had been stored the last three weeks. That's what they tell us, anyway.) But we recovered all but the two posts from April 3. It will take some time to re-post everything (hey, I've got to balance some other jobs, too) and proof them again because I'm not sure everything found were final edits, plus re-establish the links within the posts. Also, I want to see if I can find the comments and re-post them as well. We'll keep you posted as we continue to rebuild from this particularly odd occurrence. Also, know that even though we have excellent systems, and are not naive about the occasionally erratic nature of the cyber beast, we now are looking into yet more security (and even some low-tech options).

Here's one favor I ask: If anyone out there has an RSS feed to this site, please let me know. I was told anyone who does has an automatic backup file. You can e-mail me at staff04@familyfoundation.org.

All in all, though, a fair amount of relief from what was a very distressing weekend.

Just so y'all know: Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of lost articles, can intercede for you for lost things in cyberspace as well. Yesterday, I had an inspired thought: "Blog posts aren't physical items, but they are lost things, all-the-same." (Now that I think of it: articles; articles! Get it?) So prayers went out (and up) to him and a litany of saints for help. Thank you Saint Anthony, and Saint Jude, and Saint Joseph, and Saint Stephen, and Saints Bridget and Patrick, and Saints Anthony of the Desert, Benedict, Charbel, Maron, Nimatullah, Vincent de Paul, Francis Xavier, and of course, our most Blessed Mother. I will sleep better tonight knowing your intercessions to find our site's material were heard by our Lord!