When The Phone Rings, Tell Them No Tax Increase

According to news reports today, including this one in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Governor Kaine met with GA Dem leaders and his pollster to work on a transportation plan. This is the way to determine policy? As if the governor needs a pollster to tell him to raise taxes. It's in his DNA! Of course, he's looking for cover and ways to manipulate public sentiment, or worse still, to manipulate coverage of public sentiment. No one can say with a straight face the public wants higher gas taxes with $3.20-per-gallon gas. Yet, something says that's what we're going to hear from the governor in a few weeks. One can't blame House Speaker Bill Howell (R-28, Fredericksburg) for smelling a trap: Call a special session, propose what you know the House won't agree to so the session won't go anywhere, then blame the House Republicans. When this happens, just remember Governor Kaine wasn't serious from the start. Not when it is very apparent he's looking to score in his poll rather than seriously address the issue.