Two New Features

We've worked hard the last three days adding some new features and updating others. You will find them in the Pages section in the upper left portion of the home page. One major addition is an Online Library that archives many articles and editorials from Virginia's major publications in which we are mentioned, written about or quoted, or in which we've written an op-ed. It also includes position and policy papers and an archive of some of our issues-related e-mail alerts, recent news releases and background on our legislative victories.

Another major new feature is our Online Newsroom which chronicles as many mentions and discussions of The Family Foundation of Virginia and our policies, position statements, etc., as we could find in the blogosphere (we're sure we didn't find all of the threads, but will update all new mentions from here on). You will be surprised at all the waves we've made — not just in Virginia and not just the conservative blogs, either. The Daily Kos even has a go at us! (A badge of honor!) Don't be afraid to follow links to unfriendly sites; go there and talk some sense to them. We'll also add radio sound bytes and television clips when they become available. We hope to post a few from recent interviews soon. 

In addition, we've update the About Us page and added three new blogs to our blogroll: Red Virginia, The Board Room (from the editorial page writers of the Richmond Times-Dispatch) and From On High. The middle one is new and features the T-D's editorial writers in addition to Bart Hinkle (of Barticles). The other two are well respected conservative Virginia political and policy blogs.

These additions are excellent resources for our visitors. They will provide more value; assets to fully brief those interested in learning more and engaging in the policy debate, and provide more avenues to further our conservative principles. We hope these improvements make your visits to our blog more informative and enjoyable.