What Does Mark Warner Think?

Previously, we asked what former Governor Mark Warner thinks of his successor's tax increase proposal; Warner of expertise in that genre, and of specific greatness in birthing Virginia's all-time record tax increase after promising not to raise taxes during his campaign; and in fact, promising to cut taxes. We'd love his opinion, especially since Governor Tim "We just raised taxes. I'm not going to be in for a tax increase" Kaine is following exactly in his footsteps.

But now, we have another question. What does Mr. Warner think of the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decision striking down Virginia's law banning partial-birth abortion? After all, Mr. Warner was governor when it passed into law. He did not sign it, but he did not veto it. He offered amendments that had nothing to do with the basis on which the case was argued nor by which the three-judge panel made its decision. Both the House and Senate over rode his amendments by the necessary two-thirds super majority, which included several Democrats.

So if his amendments had nothing to do with the case, and since there is a federal partial-birth abortion law, logically we conclude that he disagrees with the decision, right?

We'd like to know.