If You Can't Make It Here (In Richmond), You Can Make It Anywhere (In Educationism)

Ready for a good one? Want a really good laugh? Okay: Did you hear the one about the city school superintendent of a mid-size school system who couldn't get the job done, offered her resignation a year hence, then takes a job at America's most prestigious university? It's no joke.

Deborah Jewell-Sherman, superintendent of Richmond City Public Schools, despite her failures, announced today she is leaving her job July 31 to take an appointment as senior lecturer and co-director of the urban superintendents program at Harvard University. (She previously announced, under pressure, she was leaving in June 2009 when her contract expires.) But don't worry Richmonders. She'll work for Richmond Public Schools as "a consultant" for two months to ease the transition. No word on whether she'll get the ol' double dip, but it appears that way. Either way, she's passing "Go" and she's collecting. Big time.

Of anything students in Richmond Public Schools may have learned during her tenure, we are assured they now have learned this: You can fail in Richmond. Then you can move up the ladder to Harvard. That's the way educationism works in Amerika.