Quick, Call The ACLU!

There is another "church-state separation" constitutional crisis about to take place Friday. (See this for the first one we uncovered.) According to a blurb in the community news section of the Richmond Times-Dispatch today, contemporary Christian and urban Gospel bands will perform in a concert Friday at Fort Lee, near Petersburg, home of the U.S. Army's Quartermaster Command.

You can't get more government than an Army base, now can you? So, quick! Someone call the ACLU! Religious music at a government facility? After all, those singers will mention God, won't they? Perhaps, Jesus as well? We can't have that. I mean, if the ACLU will fight to keep the Boy Scouts Jamboree off Fort A.P. Hill just because they recognize God, or work to keep mentions of Jesus out of commencement speeches or anywhere near a a school, then what to make of an entire concert, with praise and devotional music?

We're sure the people in attendance Friday night, both uniformed and civilian, and especially those who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan this week, will completely enjoy themselves, and well they should. Given where the concert is taking place, it's probably the last place where the ACLU wants to pick a fight.