Quote (And Statistic) Of The Day

There were a lot of things said today as The Special Tax Session opened for business. However, since I heard this one in person, this is what I have chosen. It stands on it's own. From Ben Marchi, Virginia director of Americans For Properity, at an AFP luncheon, on Governor Tim Kaine's staff blocking access to gallery seats previously reserved for AFP members who arrived from all corners of the commonwealth for his speech to the joint session convened earlier this afternoon:

 "He's afraid of the tax payers."

Apparently, His Excellency saw the big crowd that rallied this morning in Capitol Square against his $1 billion tax plan and wanted them to "stay off" the capitol (get it?). Marchi closed the luncheon with a sobering statistic:

"It took Virginia 390 years to get to a $34 billion budget. It took only 10 years to more than double it."

Funny how we never hear the guvna quote that in all his statistics, factoids and quips.