The Obvious Quote Of The Day

We've been asking what former Governor Mark Warner thinks of his successor's billion-dollar tax increase plan. Haven't heard, but we did gather this, from Tim Craig's Washington Post Virginia Politics blog, about what he thinks of gas tax bills advanced by fellow Democrat, Virginia Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-35, Springfield).

When asked last week whether he would support an increase in the federal gas tax, Warner said, "Obviously, I don't support raising the gas tax when its at $4 a gallon."

Obviously? Obviously?! The only thing obvious about a Mark Warner promise not to raise taxes in campaign mode is that he will raise them once in office. Apparently, he's not opposed to taking more of families' hard-earned money, he just wants to do it when he thinks he can get away with it — $4 a gallon must be his stop signal. But there's more, as if to prove the point:

When asked if his position extended to Saslaw's bill at the state level, Warner responded, "I am not going to weigh in on that but I think that is a big hill to climb at this point."

Why not? If you think it's a burden to raise the cost of gas through a federal gas tax increase when gas already costs $4 a gallon, why can't you be just as emphatic about a state gas tax increase? Last we checked, it's all the same to our greenbacks — each time either one is jacked up, there's less of them in our wallets.