Update: Interview With Rich Galen Confirmed, Brownback Getting There

What do you know? I'm doing a little prep work before I call Rich Galen to confirm our blog interview. So I go to his mullings.com site and — wow! — he's made the news himself, agreeing to take a job with U.S. Senator Kay Baily Hutchison (R-Texas). He will be her senior counselor. Seems he also had some to-the-point comments in USA Today about Scott McClellan's book about his time at the White House.

In any case, I called, he answered, I talked, he remembered. So we plan to submit to him some questions later this week (probably Wednesday) and will then post them. We'll ask him about questions on national politics, blogging and on a variety of issues and how conservatives can move them forward.

I also talked with with Susan Valentine, the Virginia coordinator for Catholics for McCain. She confirmed to me that she made some contacts toward getting U.S. Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) for us. Senator Brownback, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination earlier this year, is one of the most effective and ardent pro-life public servants in America today. We're optimistic we will have some news soon regarding an interview with him.

Sorry we didn't have any commentary today. We've been busy laying the groundwork for some of these big events and more, and working on some marketing for this site. We're excited about some contacts we made recently and hope to have more announcements in the not too distant future about new developments. Tomorrow we'll be back in full commentary mode.