Like A Broken Clock

We don't know if yesterday's ruling by the California Supreme Court is more of a reflection of it being the proverbial broken clock or a reflection of the chutzpah of the radical element there that wants to legalize homosexual marriage. In a rare victory for pro-traditional marriage supporters in a California court, the same Supreme Court that ruled unconstitutional the state's statute prohibiting homosexual marriage, refused to take up a legal challenge by pro-homosexual rights groups to strike the proposed Marriage Amendment from this November's ballot. The proposal is a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Who can blame them? Since activist courts so willingly and often flout the separation of powers and legislate from the bench to encase liberal policies that cannot be won through the legislative or ballot process, leftist groups reflexively go to court every time they disagree with a legally gained action. Or, in this case, against a group that simply has a different opinion and wants the people to vote on it. (Democracy? Horrors!) After all, this same court refused to stay its 4-3 decision striking down the marriage statute until the Marriage Amendment could be voted on in November, breaking precedent — precedent being something liberals say courts must always follow when it comes to Roe vs. Wade. (Any ramifications for Virginia? See what The Los Angeles Times says.)

So we have a group that fought successfully in court against the will of the people (the original ballot-passed traditional marriage law) and that wants to prohibit the democratic process (tried to block November's Marriage Amendment vote), all in favor of the will of four people in black robes (the justices in the 4-3 ruling).

Even though the proposed California Marriage Amendment survived its ballot challenge — opponents went to court even though the amendment met all legal requirements for ballot access under California law, including well more than the required signatures; in other words, chutzpah — there is a frightening issue here: What are opponents of traditional marriage afraid of? A little voting? That's not surprising. The left is the biggest suppressor of free speech in the country. Just think of this attempt to silence a vote the next, albeit much larger, step in their politically correct speech codes already inflicted on college campuses that stifle true debate. They've accomplished their dictatorship of thought in that arena, where only one opinion is allowed legitimacy, and now they are attempting to do it in the body politic.