Roundly Applauded For His Efforts

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds wins our applause. Not only did he stand up to Planned Parenthood and for South Dakota law and innocent human life, he personally went to court to do so! Planned Parenthood filed for an injunction in South Dakota Federal District Court to prevent an informed consent law from going into effect (Planned Parenthood v. Rounds). The judge granted it. So Governor Rounds and Attorney General Larry Long appealed the decision the full U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The South Dakota law requires doctors to provide pregnant women who want an abortion a written statement that says:

Abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.

The court asked for evidence from each side. Governor Rounds and Attorney General Long did just that, according to Cybercast News. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood's submitted evidence, from a bioethicist's affidavit, was viewed by the court as making the case for the law! The affidavit stated, in part:

. . . to describe an embryo or fetus scientifically and factually, one would say that a living embryo or fetus in utero is a developing organism of the species Homo Sapiens which may become a self-sustaining member of the species if no organic or environmental evidence interrupts its gestation.  

The Eighth Circuit voted  7-4 to strike down the 2005 injunction, allowing the law to take effect (opinion here). Planned Parenthood's response was to say women should be able to make health care decisions "free from political interference." Right.

This story has received scant media attention, aside from a brief mention by Brit Hume on Fox News Channel's Special Report "Political Grapevine" segment and on Cybercast News. But it certainly should give pro-life advocates and Attorney General Bob McDonnell some hope in the commonwealth's appeal to the full U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to defend Virginia's partial birth abortion ban.