What They're Saying About Us

If you haven't checked our Online Newsroom recently, give it a click. We continue to update it as we get mentions on the blogosphere and elsewhere for our observations and comments on the Virginia political and policy fronts, as well as on American culture and traditional values in general. We've been getting hits from all sorts of places, even in the UK. However, it's the ones from our blogging peers close to home that give us the most pride (even if they are negative; it means they are paying attention to us). So, yesterday, we were excited to see Tertium Quids recognize our reporting and observational comment on the possible machinations and outcomes of the ongoing (and possibly fast concluding) Special Tax Session. Compliments from highly thought of original thinkers are especially meaningful. 

One reason people pay attention to us is because those of you who share our principles of traditional family values, cultural standards and limited constitutional government, have shown your ability to affect positive change in Virginia. We continue to continue look for ways to make that change possible through grassroots activism, including online activism.

So please note our Action Center. We created it, updated it and recently improved it yet more. We have divided it into two sections. One provides links to get more involved with The Family Foundation of Virginia — from joining the grassroots, to your local editorial page for a letter-to-the-editor and other links for volunteer activism to help influence issues in Virginia.

There's also a contact section where, with one click, you can contact Virginia's highest officeholders: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, House Speaker, Senate Majority Leader, the leaders of both parties in both chambers and many more. There are also links to the entire membership of both party caucuses in both chambers — even the independents — as well as links to track bills, a page to look up and contact your own delegate and senator, and many other tools to stay involved in your Virginia government and public policy.

We hope to make staying involved as easy as possible so that you stay vigilant. In these days of Special Tax Sessions and more government activism it will take all of us — online and in person — to secure traditional family values and limited constitutional government.