Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

The Family Foundation of Virginia is very pleased to announce that former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, perhaps this nation's leading pro-life public official, someone who took on with vigor the pro-abortion forces in his state, will be the keynote speaker at our annual Gala, November 20, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. He is the cover story of this month's Citizen Magazine, a Focus on the Family publication. Phill Kline is one of the rare elected officials who puts principles over politics. He is a dynamic speaker with substance, driven by principle. He bravely took on Planned Parenthood in Kansas despite the opposition of very powerful forces and never backed down, despite great political cost to him. We are truly excited and fortunate to host him and hope everyone takes the opportunity to hear him. We'll have more information about the event, and more about Mr. Kline, in the coming days and weeks, but we wanted to give everyone as much advanced notice as possible.

When you hear him speak, you will understand why we are so excited. If you have not heard Phill Kline's story, or are unfamiliar with him, just do a little research (click here for his Web site). We know first hand. We heard him at a meeting in Colorado Springs this past year. He has a powerful message guaranteed to enlighten you on pro-family values as well as interest you with his personal message. Join The Family Foundation and hundreds of pro-family Virginians from around the Commonwealth for this annual Gala celebration. Together, we will rejoice over our past victories and re-energize for the battles yet to come.

Here's just what a sample of the very high praise Phill Kline has received:

"There are yet in America heroes emerging who speak great truths with simplicity, eloquence, and passion." - National Review

"A pro-life crusading DA whose efforts have placed Kansas as the epicenter of the abortion debate . . . the fiercest state battleground in the abortion wars." - Human Events

"... the Legislature's ‘chief tax slasher' during a period in which state taxes probably were reduced by more than at any time in Kansas history." - The Topeka Capital-Journal

See y'all in November!