Picture This

Y'all may have noticed a different look to a couple of recent posts (here and here): We have photo capability! We're still learning our way through the technology part of blogging (and always will since no one here is a techie). We hope it is the substance of the content keeps you coming back, not bells and whistles — and it must: Our traffic analysis program shows we're one of the top read blogs in Virginia. Each month tops the previous  one as our best month ever; and now August is more than 20 percent ahead of July, with six days still to go! So: Thank you very, very much — more than we can adequately express — for your readership! We've done a lot in a short time, thanks to you. 

We do as much as possible with what we have and think we've set a pretty good standard. We always look to see how we can incorporate more upgrades and features — and hope to add more in the future — to give you all the tools you need to become a more active and effective grassroots advocate (check out our comprehensive Action Center, Library and News Room), all while bringing you the best commentary and insight on issues of concern, as well as Interviews with prominent policymakers and Polls. After all, we want to give you the clearest picture of the political and policy scene in Virginia.