Quotes Of The Day

New Republican Party of Virginia Chairman, Delegate Jeff Frederick (R-52, Woodbridge) spoke at today's Tuesday Morning Group Coalition meeting about his efforts to revitalize the state GOP. On former governor and Democrat Mark Warner's claim the fiscal sky was falling as a pretense to go back on his campaign promise not to raise taxes and push through the largest tax increase in Virginia history, when in fact Virginia was running record surpluses, Frederick said:

If anything was falling from the sky it was money. 

Then, when asked about some Republicans who favor increased taxes, he said:

Some Republicans think it's okay to raise taxes because we're a "low tax state." We're a low tax country compared to Sweden. Does that mean it's okay to raise taxes and pay 56 percent of our money to make our government bigger?

Another speaker today was Paul Jacob (read about him here), who is president of the pro-initiative group Citizens in Charge and a senior fellow at the Sam Adams Alliance (we hope to blog about this new coalition, which seeks more open state government, soon). Jacob noted that while he and two others were indicted in Oklahoma simply for seeking petitions for a ballot initiative (read a Forbes editorial here), several states are seeking to grant convicts voting rights, including here in Virginia, as well as allowing phantom registrations.