Take Action So HHS Approves Medical Conscience Regulations!

Thanks to our friends at the Virginia Catholic Conference we are reminded that the Department of Health and Human Services is taking public comment on the new federal regulations it recently issued relating to conscience protections for health care providers (see our comment here). The proposed regulations would provide needed clarification and enforcement mechanisms to ensure that medical personnel are not coerced into participating in procedures, such as abortions, that violate their moral and religious convictions (see our further comment here). The proposed rule has an official comment period of 30 days.

Here is your opportunity to have an impact so that medical professionals will have this basic constitutional right protected. (Click here to read the proposed new rules.) Write HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt during this public comment period and let him know you support these proposed new regulations for medical conscience protection for medical personnel. Correspondence should be sent no later than September 20, 2008. When writing, please reference "Provider Conscience Regulation." It's as easy as an e-mail:

Write Secretary Leavitt in support of these federal regulations at: consciencecomment@hhs.gov.