Who's Stereotyping Whom?

For all of the homosexual lobby's lambasting of conservative Christians, who actually stereotypes homosexuals? Usually themselves. The latest incident revolves around those noted purveyors of intolerance, candy manufacturers Mars.  Apparently, a television ad run by the company in the UK, featuring Mr. T, caricaturing his own caricature, is offensive. In the ad, Mr. T spies out a speedwalker, and fires what appears to be tennis balls at him, screaming something about "real athletes run" and "be a real man and run."

The homosexual lobby, inlcuding the noted Human Rights Campaign, apparently is not in the Olympic spirit. They immediately claimed discrimination, making the case that the speed walker somehow was indicative of a homosexual stereotype; that the ad produced hate.

Get a grip! Watch the upcoming Olympics. Anyone who's watched speed walking (a real Olympic track event) knows that because one foot always must be in contact with the ground while walking as fast as possible, speedwalking looks awkward at best and downright goofy to most sports fans. Speed walking always has been the butt of jokes in the track and field world as not an event for real athletes.

While the ad received only two complaints within the UK (according to The Daily Mail), the HRC ginned up pressure in the U.S., although the ad never aired here. But who was doing the stereotyping? Is the homosexual lobby making the case that the characteristics of walking fast equate to an inherent homosexual characteristic? Are they saying, in effect, that homosexuals walk funny or that a certain way of walking is an identifier, therefore stereotyping themselves? Or, are they saying speedwalkers are homosexual?

This is worse than crying wolf. One day, hopefully, left-leaning victimization special interest groups will learn: Complaining over imagined grievances self-inflicts hurt and stereotypes the people you claim to support, especially when trying to impune innocent peoples' integrity for no reason other than to draw attention to themselves and score imaginary political points — when there's not even a ghost of an opponent.

The further irony? The controversy is generating air time for the ad all over cable news and the Internet (judge for yourself at YouTube, here) and millions of Americans are seeing it who never would have. I'd say, "Let the games begin," but thanks to the homosexual lobby, they already have — and they're sillier than ever.