A Burning Question That Just Never Gets Answered . . . Because It Never Gets Asked

Everyone has a fantasy job — a job for a day. This time of year, when certain politicians are talking tax increases — with too many, it's year-round talk of tax increases — I want to ask them a simple question. I shouldn't have to ask the simple question, because there are so many in the Mainstream Media it's almost inconceivable that they don't ask it themselves. (Wonder why?) It gets more infuriating when multi-millionaire politicians, who either have raised taxes on working families, or want to, or want to again — including a few high profile ones here in Virginia — start piously talking about how they themselves make so much money that they and others like them can afford to pay more taxes (not to mention how they demagogue the issue of "fairness" and "government needs"). To wit, my question to them simply is: 

If you think you are so under taxed, why don't you stroke a check yourself, large enough foryour heart's desire, right to the treasury and leave the rest of us alone?

The plain fact is, both state and federal treasuries willingly take contributions apart from tax collections. However, these super wealthy pols want to "raise taxes on the rich" (who turn out to be hard-working families), while the truly rich — themselves and their huge financial supporters — easily slip through the loopholes and avoid the extra taxes, sticking the rest of us with their tax bill.

So, for those tax-increasers, as a public service, we present to you these two links:

To make a voluntary contribution to the federal treasury, click here.

To make a voluntary contribution to the Virginia treasury, click here.

Of course, the media never will ask that question. But if the tax-increasing pols practiced what they preached, there would be no need to ask that question. Which means, I'm going to fantasize about that job for a day for a long, long time.