Abortion Clinic Coming to Virginia Beach?

Last Friday evening Planned Parenthood of Southeast Virginia held an annual fundraiser, earnestly mocking Christians in Virginia with particular vitriol for Pat Roberston. All this was done in the name of raising money for a new "health" facility to be built in Virginia Beach. Health for everyone except the mothers and the babies that enter, of course. According to reports, Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor Jody Wagner was in attendance, lending her public support to the most extreme pro-abortion group in the country. Remember, it was current Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who cast the tie breaking Senate vote earlier this year that would have ended Virginia taxpayer subsidies of Planned Parenthood. The budget amendment Bolling supported was later stripped by budget conferees. No doubt that issue will be a part of next year's race for Lt. Governor.

But Wagner wasn't alone Friday. The crowd included Glenn Nye, Democrat candidate for Congress running against second district Congresswoman Thelma Drake; third district Democrat Congressman Bobby "Ban Christmas" Scott, and Delegate Bobby Mathieson (D-21, Virginia Beach).

Attendees were urged to join "The Other 700 Club," a group of 700 people donating $1,000 toward a new facility. The shot at Robertson and his "700 Club" television ministry was a nice touch, don't you think? Very tolerant.