At Some Point, You Have To Take Them At Their Own Words

Here's an interesting take on the campaign from Karl Rove, the former senior advisor and strategist, and former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. It is a commentary written in yesterday's Wall Street Journal (click here). Toward the end, he observes what he believes is something behind a recent quote from Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama during an interview with ABC News: 

In a revealing slip in an interview with ABC recently, Mr. Obama said, "If we're going to ask questions about who has been promulgating negative ads that are completely unrelated to the issues at hand, I think I win that contest pretty handily." That he is in fact winning the contest for the most negative campaign could well spell his defeat.

There's enough negative campaigning to go around. But this isn't the first unintended slip from Senator Obama or his running mate, Senator Joe Biden. At some point, the media and others have to believe the sources themselves.